Everyone at the Alan Shearer Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to all our fundraisers who travelled from all over the UK to take part in the Great North Run last weekend.

We had 28 athletes running the Great North Run to fundraise for us and, before the run started, a small number of our runners arranged to meet at Exhibition Park for a group photo. Much to everyone’s surprise, this turned into an unexpected video call from Alan Shearer himself!

One of our regular runners, Craig Henaghan said, “I gave Alan a text on Sunday whilst at the park with our other runners and I asked him if he was free for a Face Time. He obliged, no problem, and said he would be watching us and wishing us all luck.”

Kian, Craig’s son, was also at the park to wave off his dad and meet some of the runners. A member and regular visitor to the Alan Shearer Centre, Kian charmed and inspired everyone with his effervescent personality, providing the motivation our GNR team needed to do well and raise extra funds for the Foundation.

We are on target with our fundraising, with over £10,000 pledged so far to support the work carried out at the Alan Shearer Activity Centre. Thank you and well done to all our runners and supporters!

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